4-T's Bar-B-Q

So in my slow quest to complete the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Passport, I finally made my way to a “local” spot, 4-Ts Bar-B-Q, 40 miles away in Forney, TX.  I arrived shortly after opening at 11 AM and walked straight to the counter.  Ordering is set up like Pecan Lodge where you place your order, give your name, and minutes later you pick up your meat at the kitchen window.  Others seem to hate not having interaction with the meat cutter, but this does not bother me at all as it is efficient.  I ordered the 2 meat (brisket and sausage) plate and added a rib with two sides.

Texas Trinity

The brisket was smoked well, it was light on the pepper and that really let the meat shine.  The rib was excellent, really juicy with a sweet glaze and my favorite part of the meal.  The sausage was also very good, nicely seasoned with pepper, good snap, and made an excellent omelet the next day.  As for the sides, they were pretty standard. I got the mac and cheese and potato salad, which were both very creamy and paired well with the savory meats.
Overall I enjoyed my meal.  I tend to enjoy BBQ a little more when I’m not on a “BBQ run” and can eat, not having to save room for my next stop. 

4-Ts Bar-B-Q
205 W Broad St
Forney, TX 75126