Premier Grilling

Often I’m asked if my dream job is to open a BBQ restaurant and my answer is always no.  While I can master 1-2 briskets at a time doing 40 is a whole other story, plus most don’t realize the amount of hours it takes to be a successful pitmaster.  My dream job is more along the lines of what the folks at Premier Grilling have going on.  They sell everything imaginable when it comes to BBQ, they get to talk shop with everyone from amateurs to professionals, and they ALWAYS have something cooking.  It’s basically my blog in real life!

One of the many services Premier Grilling offers is classes in their new state of the art class room at their Frisco, TX location.  Classes range from several topics from Big Green Egg 101 to Thanksgiving Prep.  They have really gone all out inviting BBQ celebrities such as Matt Pitman from Meat Church to Iron Chef winner, Kent Rathbun.  When I was invited to come out to participate in a class featuring Chef Rathbun, I couldn’t pass it up.  My wife and I have celebrated anniversaries at his restaurants before, and I respect any man who can beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef.

Class began at 10 am sharp with an introduction of Chef Kent Rathbun by Premier Grilling staffer Joe Pichey.  Chef Rathbun began with a rundown of the menu for the day which included braised short ribs, prime rib and fall vegetables (potatoes, squash and okra).  Since the short ribs take a long time to cook, Chef had already had them cooking but kept a bone out to show how he seasoned and seared the meat before placing it in the braising liquid. Up next he shared the recipe of his famous 411 seasoning and, with the assistance of Premier Grilling’s overhead camera that projects onto large flat screen TVs, he showed us how to properly trim the Prime Rib.  Chef Rathbun answered each and every question each guest had, even if it wasn’t related to today’s menu, and told interesting stories of success and failures while cooking.  Lunch was finished around 1:30 and was delicious.  The Prime Rib was one of the best I’ve had, but the braised beef ribs were the highlight.  They were melt in your mouth tender and the Guinness sauce we cooked was out of this world.  The class was more than I could have imagined. There was no down time, we received excellent information, and they paid attention to every detail to make sure each attendant left satisfied.  I can’t wait to attend my next class.

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*While I was a guest of Premier Grilling for this class, that in no way impacted my thoughts.  I’ve been a customer of theirs for years and love the customer service they provide.